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Glenside. Luxury Replacement Dwelling. Bude. Cornwall.

Glenside is one of Metters and Wellby Architect's most recent and exciting projects. We achieved planning permission for this highly contemporary, luxury home, and we are currently working with the client to ensure construction commences soon.

Metters and Wellby's architectural designs have transformed the currently derelict property into lust worthy modern home.  


Set within a wooded hill on the outskirts of Bude, Cornwall. This property is hidden from view, creating a perfect wooded hideaway for it's new owners.


The design drew inspiration from contemporary homes in the LA hills and luxury tree house designs in Bali, Indonesia. The design provides the perfect synergy between modern living and the natural environment. 

The large glass openings and wooden cladding effortlessly blend the house within it's natural environment, creating a tranquil and blissful place to relax. 

Please view the two videos below, a 3D render of the final design and the current property.


More images will be added as the project progresses. 

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